The real success of a project is measured by its responsibility and commitment

dam consultores desarrolla una política de responsabilidad social empresarial que engloba un compromiso más amplio con todo lo que le rodea:

Management system

In damconsultores we understand that the development of our business advises the adoption of management procedures to ensure quality, environmental friendliness, safety information and health and safety at work, according to international standards, of all products and services we offer.

This philosophy, reflected in our Quality and Environmental Policy enables us to satisfy market demands and expectations of our customers. To this end, we have management systems in our different divisions, certified by accredited bodies, increasing our competitiveness and the confidence of our customers in terms of:

• Quality Management according to ISO 9001
• Environmental Management according to ISO 14001
• Project Management according to ISO 21500

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Code of Ethics and Civil Liability

We have a Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility to guide our activities and behaviour both inside and outside the organisation, regardless of the scope or geography in which these activities take place.

We consider identifying and assessing key stakeholders, understood as the set of groups that may be affected by the organisation or its activities. Depending on their needs and possibilities, actions and set goals must be prioritised in projects.

Transparency and ethics are considered intangible assets of our organisation to be protected; a professional technically prepared can pose a risk to the project if its ethical level is reduced.