We listen, talk and collaborate…

dam consultores has a matrix organisation structured in specific business area divisions; all work is led by an experienced Project Manager. Teamwork, with minimal hierarchies, allows maximum interaction between its members and encourages personal skills.

The best way to validate a proposal is explaining, justifying and arguing ideas to others. Technical specialists in different fields apply their knowledge and expertise to provide multidisciplinary, innovative and creative solutions, always adjusted to the specific needs of each case.

“We are a multidisciplinary team dedicated to excellence in their objectives, with experience, drive and a strong knowledge of the construction industry”


Developing projects for more than a decade is the daily work of the professionals in dam consultores. Its enthusiasm and attitude to overcome new challenges have allowed the company to grow and progress in different areas of business. The three divisions of the company are integrated and synchronised through effective management of the portfolio, establishing a strategic plan for these projects and programmes.

damproject – Project Management Division.
damarquitec – Architecture Division.
damingenier – Civil Engineering Division.

Management Team

Equipo de Dirección de dam consultoresdam consultores company currently has as Managing Partners two construction sector professionals, both of whom are currently leading a common project.

Their aim is to set the direction and align their team of professionals towards this end, motivating, engaging them and making them accountable for their work.

Ana MolinaDiego Molina.


Ana Molina


Architect by ETSA Seville since 2003, Master in Urban and Regional Planning and Project Management Professional certified by PMI. Her career has always been linked to the company dam consultores, both in Architectural Division as well as in Project Management.

With great dedication to building something new, she establishes as her premise a work ethically and professionally served. Her training means that she has been brought up to have a certain sensitivity in her eye, but her commitment to society is far from the concept of art.

She understands the architecture and engineering as a work in unison, essential for a good project. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, she shares the technical direction of the company, in what is for her a great project together.

She won the Primer Accesit in the XXI Dragados Award of Architecture for her thesis.

She likes Japanese literature and travelling seasoned with good food.


Diego Molina

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer from 1995, graduated from the University of Granada.

His experience until 2000, when he joined dam consultores as founding partner, is in the field of the construction company where he works as Project Manager until he was appointed Officer of Western Andalusia in Gómez Valderrama Building, SL.

The complexity that, in some cases implies materialising works, has made him appreciate the need to implement effective management from the beginning, where the overall quality, identification of stakeholders and risks are cornerstones for the success of projects.

Currently he is Manager and Technical Director of the Company and participates in the management of projects in the field of Civil Engineering, as a Project Management Professional certified by PMI.

He received the award José María Almendral Luke from the College of Road, Channels and Ports Engineering for his professional work. He is passionate about photography, hiking and mountain biking.