For a project to be successful we need to build it

damarquitec is a division of dam consultores dedicated to projects of building and creation of public spaces; our field of work focuses on the places we inhabit.

We design spaces as open structures to the user and functionally flexible; not finished and sealed objects. This strategy allows the contingencies that arise during the design, construction and occupation to be assumed without involving strong impact.

damarquitec has as requirements of its projects the sustainability of the design and the resulting product. For this reason, the engineering team joins the project from early stages in order to assess together the technologies, construction processes and materials that provide the best solution.

We believe that architecture and engineering must work in unison, performing an efficient control of cost, time and quality. Any project is buildable and workable but there are some solutions more reasonable than others, consistent with the operation and the environment in which it is framed; this assessment is critical when managing public funds. The responsibility and commitment have to be managed in the process of designing and building.

damarquitec services offered:

Project Phase

Feasibility Study.
Basic Project and Execution.
Demolition Projects.
Projects Reformed.

Construction Phase

Construction Management..
Technical Assistance.
Final Work Documentation “As Built”.

Other Services

Judicial and Technical Reports.
Energy Efficiency Certificates.
Activity Projects.

In projects related to the following fields of activity:


Teaching Building.
Sports Facilities.
Sanitary Ware.
Senior Residential.

Residential, Industrial and Commercial

Family Housing.
Collective Housing.
Industrial Facilities.

Reforms and Rehabilitation

Comprehensive Reform of buildings.
Heritage Rehabilitation.
Energy Efficiency Improvement.

Public Spaces

Creating Public Spaces.
Urban Spaces Remodelling.
Urban Furniture Design.