Committed to developing sustainable solutions

damingenier is the division that led to dam consultores. It is dedicated to civil engineering projects that provide sustainable infrastructure in the places we inhabit..

Sustainability for us is a basic requirement of all our projects, we act with awareness of our surroundings and the potential impact of our actions. We conduct an evaluation, diagnosis, comparison and monitoring of the environment when deciding where to locate the infrastructure, not forgetting the social costs they carry.

damingenier has a multidisciplinary technical team committed to developing quality solutions aimed at meeting the needs of our customers, which include leading businesses and administrations. We have developed highly complex projects with high levels of efficiency, accuracy and quality.

The consolidation of this division, together with the increasing globalisation of the market, is driving the development of an expansion strategy that aims to position the company as an internationally recognised company.

damingenier services offered:

Project Phase

Feasibility Study.
Construction Projects.
Development Projects.
Projects Reformed

Construction Phase

Construction Management.
Technical Assistance.
Supervision of Works.
Final Work Documentation “As Built”.

Other Services

Urban Planning Writing.
Judicial and Technical Reports.

In projects related to the following fields of activity:

Integrated Water Cycle

Supply, Sanitation and Wastewater Treatment.
Hydraulics and Fluvial Management.

Transport Infrastructure

Intersections and Access.
Rural Road Network.
Accessibility Plans.
Studies of Mobility and Urban Transformation.

Planning and Urbanism

Development and General Planning.
Urban Execution Instruments.
Soil Management.


Environmental Impact Studies.
Environmental Restoration, Landscaping and Green Zones.