An agile, effective and proven methodology…
for some clients always  transparent and accurately informed

damprojects is a division of dam consultores, a company with extensive experience in consulting services and whose main assets are based on the team of professionals of which it is comprised, as well as the trust of its customers.

damproject provides consultation services and comprehensive management of construction projects (Project Management) for any investment or development sector seeking to successfully achieve the goals set in their projects. Investments to maximise not only is to optimise resources, analyse the most viable solutions, control costs and time, and vouch for the quality agreed, but also now it is essential to have in place stakeholder management and risk assessment to prevent projects suffering major impacts. To this end, damproject applies an agile, effective and proven methodology. We generate the necessary documentation, and although this is not an end in itself our objective is to meet the goals set in the project and all our work is concentrated on this.

We consider it essential that our clients are always informed in a precise and transparent way. To this end, we not only send regular reports and arrange meetings, we also have an online platform where you can check the status of the project at any time, facilitating a summary assessment of the most relevant aspects. We have managers certified as Project Manager Professionals by the Project Management Institute (PMI) with extensive experience in construction projects, backed by a team of recruitment specialists in value architecture and engineering, logistics, planning and cost management. Together we work to successfully meet our clients’ projects.

damproject services offered:

Integrated Management

Project Management.
Construction Management.
Project Management Office.

Servicios Parciales

Project Monitoring.
Cost Management.
Desing Management.
Risk Management.
Facility Management.
Implementing ISO 21500 on Project Management.

Some of the most important activities carried out in the Integrated Management of a construction project are:

Strategic Definition Stage

Needs Program.
Defining Objectives.
Risk Analysis.
Project Management Plan.
Responsibility Matrix.

Design Stage

Design Team Selection.
Scope Definition.
Design Management.
Value Engineering and Architecture.
Simultaneous Engineering and Architecture.

Recruitment Stage

Contractor Prequalification.
Request deals documentation.
Technical and Economic Evaluation of Bids.

Stage Construction

Authorisations control.
Cost Control.
Time Control.
Change Control.
Coordination of Contractors.
Production Control.
Quality of execution Control.
Health and Safety Control.

Stage Close

Test management.